Friday, December 28, 2012

This Is Why I Don't Take Anti-Israel Arguments Seriously

I have mentioned before that I am extremely disappointed with the low quality of intellect and emptiness of argument on the anti-Israel side.  Today's CNN comment section du jour, accompanying an opinion piece on the Middle East, just brings it home again.

As is typical, in a response to a harmless generic comment wishing peace to all, the anti-Israel people launch straight into incoherent, paranoid pseudo-anthropology.  By the eighth word this person has already mentioned the long-debunked Khazar hoax, and the blabbering idiocy just flows from there.  Look at the diatribe, by someone calling themselves - apparently without a touch of irony - "The Truth":

Then, not content with merely one posting of blabbering nonsense, they come back with even more, this time several screens worth.  I can just feel the Schizotypal Personality Disorder oozing over the internet:

It goes on.  And on.  "Real" Semites, Assyrians were black, Khazars, blah blah blah - the same nonsense fantasy babble about the same irrelevant and invented topics that we see every time. If this person had not forgotten to take their Lithium today they would have remembered to throw the USS Liberty somewhere in there too.

As I've said before, if there really was something legitimate and worthwhile to be said by anti-Israel people, then they would be saying it - and not spouting this babbling incoherent pseudo-anthropoligcal nonsense all over the internet.  Not on CNN and Yahoo comments, and not in the incrementally more sophisticated but still transparently ridiculous form it appears at Mondoweiss, HuffPo, and Daily Kos.  If this is all they've got, then I know which side is right, and it sure isn't them.


  1. Well the anti-Israel crowd can go fuck themselves... Hard. I am sick of their bullshit and their lies. Fortunately they don't amount to the hill of shit that their lives are reduced to because of their hatred of the Jews.

    Just sayin....

  2. I have this occasional fantasy of embracing the Khazar myth, hard, and seriously inconveniencing these folks with it. After all, if I'm a Turkic tribal woman of color...create a whole history, a national costume, maybe I could get half the kids on campus wearing "Free Khazaria" buttons, and harassing the Turkish embassy on my behalf. Khazars could be cool. if they don't want my real history, maybe a fake one will do the trick.

    Then I realize that this hasn't exactly worked for the Kurds, who are real. And that these people are just anti-Semites, and not all that funny.

    Can you tell I went to college at the height of identity politics, and have never really recovered from learning that they didn't mean me?

    1. Ha! What a great fantasy.

      As you have discovered, in the world of identity politics only some minorities and ethnicities are deserving of "protected" status.