Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitt says: "Vote for me... Or Else"

According to TPM Mitt Romney has decided to go all out and tell the American people: "Vote for Me or else...."

Yep, he is telling us that if we don't elect him, his party will trash the U.S. Economy.
Romney said that Obama “promised to be a post-partisan president, but he became the most partisan” and that his bitter relations with the House GOP could threaten the economy. As his chief example, he pointed to a crisis created entirely by his own party’s choice — Republican lawmakers’ ongoing threat to reject a debt ceiling increase. Economists warn that a failure to pass such a measure would have immediate and catastrophic consequences for the recovery. 
“You know that if the President is re-elected, he will still be unable to work with the people in Congress,” Romney said. “He has ignored them, attacked them, blamed them. The debt ceiling will come up again, and shutdown and default will be threatened, chilling the economy.”
So basically, he is saying unless we vote for him... Republicans will shut down the U.S. government. Rather than saying that Republicans should compromise and work towards solving America's problems first, he admits that the only thing Republicans care about is maintaining power.

And of course... here is the ultimate projection (hypocrisy)...
“I won’t spend my effort trying to pass partisan legislation that’s unrelated to economic growth,” Romney said. “From day one, I will go to work to help Americans get back to work.”
Saying this as he is supported by a party that is saying "Pass our Partisan concerns or we will shut down the country's economy"... Just one more reason why we have to GOTV like mad for the President and for Congress, and make sure that these hacks cannot continue to hold America hostage.

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