Friday, November 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's Latest Endorsement

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C. Montgomery Burns endorsing Mitt....

OF course the Obama Derangement Syndrome crowd and their masters over at the RJC will be saying "But, but, but.... Mitt's a better friend of Israel (despite the fact that he would do absolutely NOTHING different than President Obama would do with regards to Jerusalem and Egypt, and would indeed simply do nothing at all with regards to working on a Peace deal, and despite the fact that these critics actually live in the U.S. and despite their wildest fantasies neither live in Israel nor have the guts to make Aliyah - if they even know what that is).

But remember these folks also think that regardless of the 47% comment, the support for a candidate who throws his weight behind a Senator who thinks Women's bodies can shut down pregnancy after a "legitimate rape", the fact that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to eviscerate Medicare, the fact that Mitt Romney wants to do away with (and privatize) FEMA, and host of other nonsensical positions that somehow, on some plane of reality, in some distant galaxy a man who supports the baptism of Holocaust victims to the Mormon Church is a friend to both Jews and the American people.

This is the perfect endorsement for Mitt... Now he just need the racist vote (which he has to fight Ron Paul for) and he has the perfect triumvirate: The Greedy, The Stupid, and the The Racists.  Perfect.

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