Thursday, November 8, 2012

Karl Rove: Obama Won By Suppressing Vote

Karl Rove, fresh from a perfect record of electoral defeats, is now laying blame upon President Obama's "suppressing the vote." I kid you not.

See, last I checked it was the Republicans busy suppressing votes because their leaders understood that in a country that was becoming less and less white it would be impossible for them to win elections when they are becoming more and more dependent upon the white vote.

Of course, I have no doubt that those in the crazy wing of the Republican Party will lap this up like it's the G-d's honest truth. Rather than provide a voice of sanity and reason, like some in the GOP are doing at the moment, Rove is busy serving his red meat and casting his lot in with the crazies. While I can see someone like Bachmann or West or Ryan doing this, it's surprising coming from Rove. He's an operative, so he understands how the numbers work, his public posturing about math and Ohio aside.

I'm just going to sit back and laugh. Rove lost every race he was involved in on Tuesday and now he's busy trying to justify his failure. Please, Mr. Rove, do continue. I'll laugh while President Obama is busy taking his second inaugural parade journey down Pennsylvania Avenue with a strengthened majority in the Senate.

Updated 3:05 p.m. ET

And now Politico has also picked up the story:

Rove argued that Obama won with a smaller popular vote and a smaller margin of victory than in the 2008 election against Sen. John McCain. Instead of expanding voters, Rove argued, Obama "suppressed the vote" by demonizing former Gov. Mitt Romney and encouraging people not to vote.

This only makes it even more laughable because it describes, to a tee, exactly what the Republican game plan for victory is in pretty much any election that they run these days.


  1. Simple Projection my friend. It's unbelievable that Republicans... two days after getting their ass kicked in an electoral landslide by a President that is far increasing the vote are back to their deceitful and lying ways.

    Hey Republicans... Here's a tip. Maybe... just maybe if you actually tried telling the truth just once, and stopped taking positions that were absolutely heinous - you might get some respect.

    Just a tip.

  2. Typical Karl Rove - accuse your opponents of doing exactly what you do. Trying to drive down turnout and squeak by has been a pillar of the Republican playbook for 30 years. So, by the way, is acting like the winner 2 weeks before the election and counting on the undecideds to simply break for the perceived winner, something else I've seen them accuse Obama of doing.

    1. Funny enough... this was not the case. It is funnier. Rove, it turns out, has absolutely no idea what the term "voter suppression" means. Why do I say that, because in an interview (where he was obviously trying to defend his fleecing of Billionaires to give to Romney in a "sure to win" scenario) he stated that the way President Obama was suppressing the vote was to.... (get this).... tell people bad things about Mitt Romney, and get them to vote for the President. I am not kidding.

      Listen to this:

  3. (livosh1)
    Rove & Co. live in a bubble devoid of reality. Heh.

    1. Heh.... we see that everyday.. But if you want some really funny stuff. Here is their Guru Barry Rubin (some whacked liberal turned conservative in Israel ala David Horowitz):

      Why the Democratic Convention Plan Shows Obama Will Lose the Election

      By Barry Rubin

      The Republican convention, whatever your critique of it, was designed to show that this is not a group of scary horrible people and that even if it is conservative this is also a moderate, rational group in the conservative solutions it proposes and in its broad appeal. Of course, the mass media did all it could to distort that fact but, of course, the terrible economic situation favors the opposition party.

      The information released about the Democratic convention seems to show it is designed to prove how radical the party is, and to play to the most limited possible sector of the population. There will be hatred and vicious character assassination. Of all the imams that could have been chosen, one with a radical background was picked to lead services while—from what I’ve read—Catholics were almost deliberately dissed. This is a convention featuring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. There will be a lot of scary people and nasty rhetoric, sort of like a Keith Olbermann film festival.

      Whooops.... I guess the people of America just hate Harry Reid and the Democratic senate.. that is why they gave us only two more seats (when we were projected to lose the Senate) and I guess someone forgot to tell the American people how dangerous Barack Obama is particularly for our economy... Oh and Imams....