Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jewish Americans Break Hard for President Obama, the Lunatic Fringe Scratch their Heads

This year one of the biggest pushes by the Republicans (contextually not literally) was with Jewish American voters. In a highly negative attack campaign, The Republican Jewish Committee and the Emergency Committee for Israel have literally spent YEARS and millions and millions of dollars all to warn all of us Jewish voters that President Obama was a Muslim Brotherhood loving, Jihadi Sympathizer who wanted nothing more than to bring destruction down upon our brothers and sisters in Israel as well as eventually submit the U.S. to Sharia Law.

They pulled out well known racist Pamela Geller to go around calling Muslims "savages", and talked about siding with Israel and "civilization". They even borrowed images of Israeli Prime Minister talking about Nukes in Iran to attack President Obama and on their websites talked about the President actually helping Iran get nukes.

They downplayed President Obama's true friendship with the nation of Israel and it's people. They downplayed the fact that America bankrolled Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense system. They downplayed the fact that America and Israeli security cooperation are at an all time high. They did everything they could to minimize the words of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Israeli President Shimon Peres who called President Obama an "exceptional friend".

But worse than that... They played their game on the racist assumption that American Jews were not really interested in America. They assumed all we cared about was Israel and stopping "Teh Islamic Menace". They simply NEVER figured out that despite what every poll showed, Jewish American voters are Liberal and Jewish American voters prioritize their own country over any other. These folks simply played the racist Dual Loyalty Canard WITHIN our own community.

All of this, the racism, the lies and the hatred were all to swing two or three states that were going to be close to the Republican column.

But in their delusions and derangement over President Obama (and his middle name as well as his upbringing), they simply never really understood American Jewish voters and honestly... Still don't. That is why they are sitting there today in a state of shock. They simply thought things like this:
Whatever good Obama may have done, none of it comes close to the damage that he is doing with his embrace and acceptance of political Islam.  This is not just damage to the state of Israel, nor the Jewish people, it is damage done to the United States and to the west, in general.
Most American Jews, thankfully, are not ultra-super sophisticated progressive-left genius Jews, but it is the genius Jews that most loudly sing the praises of an administration that is friendly toward political Islam.  Political Islam, needless to say, seeks to oppress women, commit genocide upon the Jewish people, slaughter Gay people outright, and impose Islamic Supremacy, via sharia, upon the west.
and the propagandists thought THIS drivel is what would bring Jewish Americans to support Mitt Romney. And that is where they failed, and failed completely. Why? Because Jewish American voters are concerned with the well being of their fellow Americans first and foremost. We saw Paul Ryan's Medicare killing budget that would have put American seniors into a voucher system. We saw Mitt Romney's lie after lie where he never defined a plan outside of various catch phrases and slogans. We saw the Republicans run TWO candidates for Senate that talked about things like "Legitimate Rape" and "Pregnancy from Rape as G-d's will". If that were not enough, we saw Republicans running on platforms to deny LGBT Americans their equal rights, and do all of the things they were so worried about happening in the Islamic world.

As American Jews and Liberals, it's not that we didn't/don't see what happens in Islamic nations, and it's not like we think the blending of religion with the state is not dangerous... BUT we were much more concerned with what was happening here in our own nation. We were concerned with American children that would have faced incredible hardships brought on by Republican Policies. We were concerned for Women's Health and Reproductive Rights. We were concerned with all of the civil rights that would have been at risk in a Republican / Teahaddist America.

Oh and as for Israel which is important to us but not on the level that the Republicans or their ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) suffering friends think... We see President Obama as a strong friend to Israel and to Jews worldwide. Because, you see, not all of us buy into the Right Wing narrative that is threatening to destroy Israel. Most of us understand that the Right's reliance and fear and hatred is just that. We can see that the President is a man who cares about our community and nation.

In the end all of that hate and $ 40 million dollars could do nothing to stop the 70% of Jewish Americans that stood up and were counted to support our friend and President, Barack Obama. Sure the Republicans siphoned off 8% of the Jewish vote from 2008, but the country as a whole was off from it's previous level of popular support.

As Jay Michelson in the Forward put it so well:
Well, turns out a lot of people, including most Jews. The Jewish bubble, like other conservative bubbles, was burst yesterday. Not only did America vote for the Kenyan Socialist, but American Jews did as well. And they even elected “anti-Semites” who support moving slowly (but resolutely) on Iran and moving deliberately (but securely) toward a Palestinian state. 
This happened not because of ignorance, and not because of Jewish self-hatred, but because outside of the right-wing echo chamber, mainstream American Jews voted their values, and didn’t believe the incredibly heavily funded propaganda that tried to scare them on Israel and other issues. Most Jews simply do not live in the bubble of the professional-Jewish ‘consensus.’
And that is the truth

J Street ad from after Obama won.
So expect liberal


  1. Roughly $40 million spent to influence the Jewish vote, only to end up with no statistically significant difference.


    1. LOL I thought about saying something along those lines.

      If you go over and look at the site that allows for all this hate they STILL don't get it. It's all about being open to their hate. They still won't address the lies and deceptions or even admit to them.

      There is absolutely no sense of self reflection. It is complete and utter brainwashing.

    2. (livosh1)
      Volley, those ODS hatemongers are just delusional. Just like their Fox News allies, they live in a delusional bubble, and won't consider any facts that are contrary to their hateful and untruthful narrative. Once again, pro-Israel Jews have overwhelmingly rejected their bigotry and their lies about throwing Israel under the bus. But take it to the bank, volley, they'll keep throwing out these ridiculous lies, even though no one outside their small and insular bubble takes them seriously. They live in a fantasy world -- but their fantasy is ugly and hateful. Fortunately, the rest (and overwhelmingly majority) of the Jewish and pro-I community will continue to ignore (and even laugh at) their pathetically absurd hysteria. I wonder how many more election cycles we'll have to go through before they realize that people aren't buying their hate-mongering. Probably quite a few more . . .

      Great diary, volley.

    3. Yep livosh... you can see it already. Their reality is ugly and full of hate. I mean to actually say that President Obama "embraces" Political Islam. You have to be high beyond belief to actually believe that stuff.

      And the funny thing is that they simply don't acknowledge what we are saying when we answer their charges. They will say things like "They think President Obama compares the Islamist movements to the civil rights movements of the '50', we say... "No we don't" and then explain our position and they simply just say "Why do you think the Islamist movements in nations are like the Civil Right's movement". It is mind numbingly stupid. But like their Republican Masters they simply can't think for themselves or in real world terms. They have to be told by their right wing guru's what we (Democrats) really mean. It's pathetic.

    4. Exactly, they don't think for themselves. In fact, they don't even think. Your example is exactly what happens. That's why I gave up engaging with them.