So first off we had the ex-President of the UT College Republicans Lauren Pierce Tweet:
“I know it may be tempting, but don’t shoot President Obama. We need him to go down as the worst president in history."
Now Pierce did later apologize AND step down, but still.. this is a pretty horrific statement and I have a feeling that if it was said by a Democrat or anyone else they would be talking to members of the Secret Service for threatening the Presidents life.

So... what happens next. Cassandra Wright, who was just elected president of the College Republicans a few weeks ago replacing Pierce tweeted this:
“My president is black, he snorts a lot of crack. Holla!”
Hmmm.... The President of the College Democrats tried to take the high road by saying:
“I was really surprised by her tweet last night. It was clearly offensive and it definitely had that strain of racism in it," said president-elect of the U.T. College Democrats Huey Fischer. "She seems like a really smart girl. She's a really upbeat person. Someone who seems politically correct most of the time.”
Had a "strain" of racism in it. Holy crap... You think? It's straight up racist. Also, I am not sure what being upbeat or trying to be politically correct has to do with being a flaming bigot. Smiling and successfully hiding ones intentions is does not make one a nice person, it just makes one a decent actor.
The Republican response:
A republican insider told KVUE that sources close to Cassie Wright believe that she may have gotten the idea for the tweet from a rap song by an artist called Young Jeezy. His song called “My President is Black” does not mention anything about crack cocaine nor does it say anything about President Obama doing drugs.
“I honestly don't know what she was thinking when she tweeted this. I don't know if it was just a simple mistake. I don't know if her account was hacked or not. It could definitely have been just a careless remark," said Fischer. "It was definitely insensitive. It was definitely inappropriate and not something someone in her position should have tweeted.”
Let's look at this one for a second... "I don't know if it was just a simple mistake"WTF???? Leaving the water running in the sink or leaving your door unlocked is a "simple mistake". Making a racist slur about the President... ummm no. That is not a simple mistake. That is straight up bigotry. And then to double down with "Well, it could have been a careless remark"... Sure, because we all just make highly inflammatory racist comments offhand. (/snark)

Or how about this "It was not something someone in her position should have tweeted"..... WHAT? So in other words if she was not in that position it would have been ok???? WTF is that.  What does her "position" have to do with racism? How about we start to face down racism with a comment. "It was inappropriate and something this hateful should not be encouraged, said, or tweeted. This behavior is completely unacceptable".

How about that?